Why Equality In The Workplace Is Important

We all want to benefit from fair treatments and working conditions. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to find a job in which to feel respected and valued. Too many of us end up hating our jobs, our daily commute and many other things that bring us on the verge of depression. These problems are universal, many psychologists and sociologists trying to understand their mechanisms. Their goal is to come up with viable solutions to decrease the number of people suffering from depression and various anxiety disorders. Many of these are triggered by unfair working conditions and treatments. This is why equality in the workplace is so important.

When employees feel valued and respected, they are more motivated to work. In addition, they feel less inclined to seek new job opportunities. This is how companies that apply the right principles regarding treating their employees enjoy a lower staff turn over.

Discrimination is a problem in many companies, especially in very large ones, with hundreds of thousands of employees. When big numbers of people have to cooperate and work together, some of them are going to feel frustrated because of less favorable treatments applied to them, as opposed to some of their colleagues. As this situation is inevitable, team leaders and managers should be trained to deal with these issues as soon as they arise. They have to be able to assess whether the frustrated employee has been the victim of discrimination or it’s just an illusion. The more accurate their conclusions, the better for everybody in the company. A good working environment has to cater to all employees and all teams involved in the various projects of the company. Only by close cooperation and effective communication can a business thrive and develop in this competitive environment.

Equality in the workplace also implies that all employees are provided equal pay for the same work. However, in most industries, men are better paid than women sharing the same responsibilities. This is a fact, so we have to face it, to acknowledge it and to actively seek for solutions to secure the same salary level for all employees doing the same work for a company.

There are many things to be discussed here, as this is one of the hottest topics of all times. Since women have to work as hard as men do, it makes sense that they receive the same pay as their male counterparts. Also, disabled people may also be victims of discrimination. This is another sensitive topic which has to be tackled with great care. It’s true that some disabilities prevent employees from doing their job properly, but most of them are perfectly able to do the things they’ve been hired for. These people should get the same treatment as everybody else on their level of skill and experience.

By joining our forces towards building a better working environment, we can hope in a better future for all employees in all companies from all over the world. This may seem a utopia, but how far are we really are from making it real?